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Bay County Newspapers

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Panama City News Herald
Newspaper Publication Day(s):
Submission Deadline:
9 days prior to publication date
wdt_ID Notice Type Insertions Base Price Base Characters* Additional Characters*
1 Family Law - Adoption 4 $185.00 810 $0.05
2 Family Law - Custody 4 $185.00 810 $0.05
3 Family Law - Dissolution of Marriage 4 $440.00 Unlimited N/A
4 Family Law - Name Change 4 $185.00 810 $0.05
5 Foreclosure Notices - Notice of Action 2 $105.00 810 $0.05
6 Foreclosure Notices - Notice of Sale 2 $105.00 810 $0.05
7 Foreclosure Notices - Tax Deed 2 $105.00 810 $0.05
8 Non-Court Related Notices - Bid 1 $30.00 18 $0.05
9 Non-Court Related Notices - Public Hearing 1 $30.00 18 $0.05
10 Non-Court Related Notices - Public Notice 1 $30.00 18 $0.05
Affidavit of Publication is included in the prices above

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*These are approximations only. They are based on the per line or per column inch divided by the number of characters by line or inch. For an exact cost please click on the newspaper publishing button above and complete our order form.